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5 Reasons Why You Should Always Opt for PDFs When Sending to Your Printer as a Freelancer

When working as a freelancer with digital files, it is important to always understand the various file formats. Depending on the nature of files you are working with, be it audio, text, video, or any other kind, there are many ways you can choose to save and export the data. Find out more on the pdf net.

The specified use for the file will help in deciding which format you need to use. It is highly recommended to use Portable Document File when working with commercial printers.

There many ups and downs when using a specific file format. There is also the difference brought by editability, compatibility, quality and file size which factor in with the chosen format. Due to the fact of ordering print, the PDF format comes in highly recommended. Here are reasons why you should adopt the file format:

1. Compatibility

Contrary to popular opinion, having a software like Iron Software that opens a file does not necessarily means it can also send it. Exporting your work through a PDF will ensure that the person on the other end can view your document. The PDF format is a standard that is used in different industries which can be opened by many devices.

2. Size of File

Some files such as the Adobe Photoshop PSD and Adobe InDesing INDB take up much space. These form part of the native files which are larger than PDF’s. The contain data which can only be unlocked with the program created for use with different features. PDF reduces the file since to ensure it can be send fast. Discover more here:

3. Editability

When transferring files with the native format, the receiver might want to make changes on the original document. When working with commercial prints, it is impossible to make changes on a document. But with PDF files, you are possess the current version of the document for making changes.

4. Portability

Just as the acronym suggests, PDF files are very portable. Portability in this case refers to the ability of the PDF to infer all the design elements into a single file. There are other formats which rely on the computer’s file system to organize and put all the design elements together.

When working with commercial printers, PDF file are highly recommended as simple means of exporting and uploading your documents. Through its compatibility, file size, editability and portability, makes for a reliable file format. For more information, click here:

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